Battlefleet Gothic: Devastation Class Cruiser

I have finally finished off my Battlefleet Gothic Plague Fleet with this Devastation Class Cruiser, and I am ready to take on the Eldar.

After reading up on things, the online consensus seems to be that Devastation Class Cruisers are some of if not the best choice for a heavier cruiser for any chaos fleet. They are cheaper than the Styx class Cruisers and don't even count as an actually Heavy Cruiser meaning there are fewer restrictions on fielding them.

I had a great time painting and preparing this ship which I did using the plague bits from Spell Crow, and of course a bit of green stuff.

The Pustules, boils,  open sores and the like really add that "Plague Fleet feel" making the ship that much more disgusting. 

In my 850pt Plague Fleet, this ship will serve as my Flagship from which my Chaos Lord will command. And I hope it's combination of hangar bays, and lances will prove itself on the field.

This will be the first time I ahve fielded an Devastation Class Cruiser, so it will be interesting to see how it holds up and if honestly the Slaughter Class Cruisers just give you more bang for your buck.

And there is the Plague Fleet in all of it's glory! Can't wait to get them guys into a battle! But first I need to finish the Relictor's Fleet.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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