The Tabletop Space Cannon Project Part 3

A few weeks back Mike and I finished the super structure for our Space Cannon. Being our first scratch build together we are quite pleased with the result, and intend to hide any imperfections with paint, glued on extras from Warhammer sprues and of course moss and over-growth.

Once we had finished we actually really liked how it looked, without the large base that we had intended to mount it on.

So we decided that we would split the base off into different project, where we planned to turn it into a Helipad using Hirst Molds to create some interesting tiling and components to adorn it.

But for now we are considering that a different build. So be ready for the up and coming Tabletop Helipad Project.

Behind the Cannon in the second picture you can see three modified candles, that I intend to turn into the Generators for the cannon. These will serve as the actual objective markers that we need to destroy in the Warhammer 40k/Battlefleet Gothic Mission that we started designing this for in the first place!

Hopefully by the End of the Year we will actually get a chance to throw this scenario down!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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