Imperial Guard Steel Legion Lieutenant 2

Since in 8th Ed Warhammer 40k you need a whole lot of HQ options to field an effective force, these two additional figures will serve as more Company Commanders for my Steel Legion army.

I will admit that I find these sculpts a little goofy... Like what is he doing? But it is one of only two official Steel Legion Commanders from Games Workshop, so he will have to do!

As I mentioned with my previous Steel Legion Commander these minis are officially considered Lieutenants by Games Workshop. It says so right in their catalogue name. But given the old 3rd ed rules require junior commanders, I actually think this mini was intended to fill that roll, as it does have a similarity to the old pewter Cadian junior commanders of the same era.

And so my Steel Legion slowly but surely grow. Well my painted Steel Legion anyways I have been throwing this force down for a couple of months now in a unpainted state.

So more to come soon!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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