Battlefleet Gothic: Tyranid Stalker Escort Drone

Inching ever closer to finishing my Tyranid Battlefleet Gothic Fleet, last time I finished up a squadron of four Vangaurd Drone Ships, this time I finish up a group of Stalker Escorts Drones.

In the cannon, these ships keep close to Hive Ships, protecting them with their lives and forming a unfathomably large swarm around it. So of course in game, they serve the exact same purpose.

Like the rest of themy Tyranid fleet this is a real Games Workshop Model. And that makes it the last of the official Games Workshop in this particular series. There are of course the old Space Fleet models. but those are a little goofy.

All in all these models have been great, well thought out, easy to assemble, and fun to paint. All in all I would recommend going back and grabbing some if you have never had the pleasure.

In game terms I really have no idea how these ships preform. I got them more out of a want to have all of the Games Workship Tyranid ships I remember drooling over as a teenager rather than out of some grand plan.

Sure I am making 850pt fleets for each faction. But that is just reaching that number, without much thought given to tactics. I am going to let the guys worry about that on their own once we get going.

So honestly I will just have to see how this fleet goes.

And here they are so far! I actually only have 6 more Escort Class ships to go and then this fleet is done!

Next time we move away from official models and into the realm of tournament legal conversions!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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