Battlefleet Gothic: Tyranid Vanguard Drone Ships

The next group of vessels in my Tyranid Fleet are these Vanguard Drone Ships. Vanguard drones  are considered roughly the equivalent of a Destroyer, making them similar in power to the Cobra Class  and Hunter Class Destroyers of the Imperium, or the Iconoclast Class Raiders of the Chaos Factions... And I could go on...

Despite their similarity in size, the function of a Vanguard Drone is much different than that of a regular Destroyer, as these vessel act as long-range forward scouts for the Tyranid Hive Fleets.

On the table, Vanguard Drones are actually quite slow. They only move 25cm, which is quite a bit slower than the 35cm that say a Space Marine Hunter Class Destroyer. However compared to other Tyranid ships, that is actually quite a bit faster making them the fastest Tyranid ship they can field.

Other than that they are pretty standard Destroyers, however Tyranid vessel have a lot of possible layouts and these are no different, featuring no less than two possible weapon configurations: Pyro-Acid Batteries (guns) or Feeder Tentacles (Boarding Action Weapon).

So these, like my Hive Ship and Razorfiend, are original Games Workshop Models which means they are full pewter, and honestly gorgeous and fun models to paint.

I have had these four ships for years now. I was given a pack of them as a stocking-stuffer back in 2011. I got lucky back then as when I opened the pack, it contained four Drone minis rather than the usual three! I always counted it a small win.

With the addition of the Vanguards, my Hive Fleet triples in size! And honestly a Tyranid Fleet just doesn't feel right unless it is swarmed by escorts, so I have no less than 12 more to come. So you have been warned.

The swarm approaches.

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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