Battlefleet Gothic: Plague Fleet Iconoclast Destroyers

The smallest and most numerous ships in my Plague Fleet are these eight Iconoclast Destroyers. Unlike my Idolator and Infidel Class Raiders these Iconocalst destroyers are real pewter Games Workshop Models.

I found the lot on Ebay for real cheap, so I definitely got lucky there!

Despite being small and less heavily armed than their raider counterparts, I have found in the past that the lower points values of destroyers turns them into a highly effective swarm. With enough of them you can do some serious damage to even a cruiser.

What is interested about this lot of ships is that it contained models from all over the life span of Battlefleet Gothic. Particularly with the pewter figures Games Workshop began to redesign them to use less and less pewter and in some cases contain less detail.

Comparing the different models you can see that the thickness of the figure changes, become thinning as time goes one. They also drop the number of engines from 6, to 5 and then 4. The Keels under the ships also change from one thicker version to two smaller keel fin. 

Honestly these difference are hardly noticeable on the table. Simply interesting to see.

And boy do those eight models really fill out the fleet! So just one more cruiser to go and then this 850pt fleet is ready to go!

Bring it on Eldar!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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