Battlefleet Gothic: Tyranid Hive Ship

Ever since I saw the Tyranid Hive Ship on the Games Workshop website back in 2003 I wanted it. I didn't even play Tyranids! But it didn't matter. I still wanted it. It was just so damn cool.

So with my buddy Neil regularly playing Tyranids these days I figured I would get a fleet together for him to use. So count this as the beginning of my 850pt Tyranid Fleet.

Now admittedly a Hive Ship is a little bigger than the cruisers that I was filling my other 850pt fleets with. And this is true. By the rules this bad boy is classified as a Battleship rather than a Cruiser... But given the rule set I am using (Battlefleet Gothic Expanded Revised) this was the easiest legal fleet that I could slap together.

So everyone will just have to deal with it.

I was lucky enough to snag a fully unpainted/unassembled model in one of the generic white boxes that GW has become so fond of for their older minis. So I had a fresh start on this model and had to clean and trim it, which took for ever and then assemble the large pewter body.

Painting it was honestly very easy, though I took my time so I was always painting at my best. I am quite pleased with how it turned out.

So only a Cruiser, and like 16 escorts to go and I will have this Tyranid Fleet up and running and ready to battle in no time!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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