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It's definitely the communities formed around gaming that make the hobby so enriching and enjoyable. Finding a neighbourhood hub that you and your crew can link up in, enjoy some unique food and drink, and play board games to your heart's content is a treasure not to be taken for granted. We're rolling the Spot Check again with the intention of showcasing some excellent establishments around the world that are doing a great job of nurturing communities of passionate gamers - and promoting inclusive spaces where ALL are welcome to play.

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In Brampton, Ontario you will find the Wildcard: A place of mystery, intrigue, and challenge that is quite unlike any other card in the deck. The Wildcard Board Game Cafe seeks to give the community a chance to put their minds to good use with the over 200 strategic board games on offer. Step inside and find a realm of villainous cadence, with an inspired and decadent menu that is fully halal and vegan friendly. It is a hub where all are welcome to adventure and learn (playing host to wickedly-themed trivia nights among other events).  It is a place where even villains have their shot at world domination. When you enter, you had better bring your A-Game.

Game on.

So much yes.
We had the opportunity to catch up with Wildcard's Marketing Manager Afshaan Purvez, who was able to provide a little more insight into the inspiration behind this popular Brampton staple. With this Spot Check, the wildcard in the deck is no longer so mysterious...

1) What inspired you to open your establishment?

It was firstly an inherent love for board games. We have always believed that board games stimulate the mind, bring people together and are just so much fun. Other than the occasional feud over Monopoly, there really isn't a downside to them. We wanted to share this love with others and create a positive space for people of all ages.

Our family chose Brampton specifically because growing up, we found that there wasn't much to do in this growing city. We thought a board game cafe would be a perfect place for friends and family to spend quality time together. So, the idea was born.

2) What inspired the name?

Wildcard – the card in the deck, the piece of the puzzle, or the unforeseen strategy that is the game changer. It represents the element of surprise, and comes with a sense of mystery. We never quite know when it’s going to strike, and what it will mean for us. It’s precisely why we chose this name for our cafe. We aim to be unlike any other card in the deck.

3) What is the biggest challenge you've faced?

We are new business owners, so there were many challenges. The biggest has probably been managing expectations. Understanding the demand and finding a way to maintain a balance between meeting those demands and maintaining profitability. We had to set a high standard, so doing so and then keeping it up is definitely a challenge as well.

4) What makes your brand truly unique?

Our brand is based on supervillains, going with our 'wildcard' theme. We think supervillains have the smarts to win any boardgame, so we challenge our customers to channel their favourite villain to strategize and take over the a friendly game of Risk of course.

5) What’s something new you have in the works right now? 

We have just started hosting Trivia Nights on a monthly basis. We had a successful HP Trivia Night, and we are super excited about our next one - which is MCU themed. We also definitely have new menu items we can't wait to introduce...cheesecake being one of them.

6) Fave game?

That's a tough one. There are so many choices - Secret Hitler is on the top of the list, followed closely by Munchkin. Both games are so much fun, and bring out the best and worst in group play!

7) Most overrated game?

That's also tough, but it would probably have to be Agricola.

8) What game character would you be out of any?

Not too many games with characters so, Ashcan Pete - Arkham Horror

9) Best alignment?

Chaotic Good

10) Magic or melee?

Depends on the game, but usually melee.

11) Old school or new school?

Old school

12) Sci-Fi or Fantasy?

Sci-fi fantasy!

13) Most epic win?

Not sure if this would apply to board games as much. But any win that has an underdog winner that came from bottom to claim victory is an epic win to me.

14) In the battle for Westeros where would you be?

I have not played the board game, but just in terms of the show, it seems Winterfell is where the action is at - so there, or maybe the Iron Islands on Yara's side.

Thanks to Afshaan and Wildcard. Great to see you doing so well, all the best in the future, and as always Happy Gaming!

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