Battlefleet Gothic: Razorfiend Cruiser

The next ship in my 850pt Tyranid Fleet is this Razorfiend Cruiser. About the equivalent of a Space Marine Strike Cruiser in terms of points it feels a little closer to a light cruiser... But we are talking Tyranid Bio-Ships so the classifications are a little more guidelines than actual rules.

Regardless, this spikey fellow serves roughly the same role filled by cruisers. It has several Hull Points allowing it to take more damage and multiple weapons systems.

The real advantage that the Tyranid fleet has is the customization. Most Captial Ships can be decked out with any number of weapons in really any configuration of your choice. So if you like torpedoes you can cover your vessels with launchers, etc, etc.

As I model I have to be honest I am not too fond of this one. Not that it doesn't fit the aesthetic, or anything.  I think it works fine. More I just find it a very strange model. It doesn't have a good point of focus, and it just looks awkward from above.

If I were to change it I would reduce the size of the claws on the sides, lengthen the the armoured carapace and  shorten the tubes on the back.

And there we go. The second ship in the Tyranid fleet finished. Next we will get on to the Escorts, and get the swarm feeling going.

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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