Homer the Ranger in 15mm

The second player character mini for our Age of Heroes Campaign is Homer the Ranger. Homer was born a simple farmer, but his impressive size a robust attitude earned him a reputation as one of the braver men in Palyos.

After the death of Talos to giant crabs, Homer took his place in the party and has been a valued member ever since.

Homer is only Greg's second D&D character. The first was Talos who was killed in Game 2. So Greg came back with yet another Ranger for him to play. This being Greg's first D&D game, he felt it was best to get accustomed to one class before moving on and exploring other options.

Like Basil the Ranger Homer's mini also comes from Magister Militum. They have a pretty decent selection of ancient mins from all over the world, so well worth a look!

Homer's mini will get its first use on the table tonight as we play Age of Heroes Game 10. Check our Instagram story for more game events!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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