Plague Lord: Brother of the Fly

With the focus on detachments and the awesome re-roll "1's" ability that they provide to all friendly legion troops within 6 inches, Chaos Lords are well worth their greatly reduced points costs in 8th ed from previous editions.

And this is no different in my Death Guard Army.

When I began remodeling my Death Guard force for use in 8th edition I was not using Chaos Lords. In my opinion in older edition of 40k, fielding a Chaos Lord without the protection of Terminator Armour was a waste of points. However all that changed in 8th, and they became an essential tool.

With their least expensive build coming in a meager 74pts (hey that's pretty cheap for Chaos Space Marines) they are the cheapest HQ option that both the Chaos Space Marines and the the Death Guard can field.

And when trying to squeak in more detachments, cheap HQ options are a must. Let's also not understate how useful the ability to re-roll "1's" is. It has saved my shots from being dismal failures on more than one occasion.

So Rather than rotating a few Plague marine models as "Counts-as" Chaos Lords as I ahve been doing I decided to get a model to represent one.

This guy comes from Kromlech miniatures, and they even gave me the free scenic base!

A warning to those intending to use these as standard Plague Marines, they are quite a bit taller than even the new 8 edition Plague Marine Models. Might work for Death Guard Primas Marines, but personally I think they are better suited for the role of Chaos Lord.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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