Basil the Ranger in 15mm

Now that we are going into the 10th game of our Age of Heroes Campaign I felt that, like our other groups, these guys needed their own minis.

So to begin and go through them in alphabetical order, her is Basil the Ranger. This is Connor's Ranger, and first long term character in any D&D campaign. He is a hunter the party's home town of Palyos, and one of those selected by the town's Seer to deliver an offering to the temple of Zeus.

This has not exactly gone as planned, but Basil has gotten through it through kindness, and a blunt take-no bullshit attitude.

His minis comes from Magister Militum and is part of their 15mm line. There are a ton of 15mm ancient minis out. However they are largely intended for historical war games rather than roleplay. I found a distinct lack of female miniatures, and more generic Greek hoplites then I could shake a stick at.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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