IAF Hawker Hunters

The British Hawker Hunter was touted to be one of the better fighter jets of the era by its makers, and most certainly the better of the American made F86 Sabre.

However when the Indian Air Force first put them in the air against Pakistan's most common fighter at the time, its first performance was a little lack luster.

While the Hunter was better armed, had a better climb rate, and a better dive rate, it simply wasn't as tough, or combat proven as the Sabre. And while the Indian pilots certainly learned to to use them with greater effect, the Hunter never really lived up to expectations.

When i first saw the models for these planes I will admit to being less than enthused. As Elijah put it,

"That is the most stereotypical 'jet' I have ever seen. It looks like a cartoon."

And really at the time I couldn't have agreed more. But as I started to clean, trim and then paint the models I really started to fall in love with design. Now I actually find it a very elegant plane.

I can also see some common elements of British design here. I can sea how this would have evolved into the Harrier Jump Jet. I don't know. Perhaps I have been looking at jets for too long, but there is something about the profile, and canopy design that just screams British engineering.

Regardless, in the next mission of our Crisis in Kashmir Campaign I get to take four Hunters up and hopefully fair a little better than the actual pilots did against a group of Sabres.

Wish me luck.

Written by: Andrew

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