IAF Dassault Mystere IV's

In the 1965 Indo-Pakistan war, India had a lot of different types of Aircraft in service. Whether it was the dated De Havilland Vampire or the technically plagued Folland Gnat, India was willing to buy any aircraft they could get their hands on and they used them.

The French Dassault Mystere IV was no different.

Used predominantly as a fighter bomber during the war, the Dassault Mystere IV saw action against Pakistani F104's and F86-F Sabres. And they seem to do moderately well. Nothing amazing but certainly no crippling defeats either.

My experience from the two missions I have flown these planes in Check Your 6! Jet Age is that Mystere's are ok. They really aren't anything special, but they handle well and have a decent armament compared to the F86.

The main problem I have encountered is a lack of Experienced pilots. India had a lot of planes, but ti seems that talented pilots were hard to come by. Above as you can see on the tail markings from left to right: a poor pilot, a green pilot and a skilled pilot.

Normally India is fielding Green pilots while Pakistan is fielding Skilled and this more than the planes they used makes up most of India's problems.

Next mission that features Dassault Mystere IV's I will get to control six planes, and actually get to fight rather than attempt to escape like the last two mission I have flown.

So I am looking forward to that and of course continuing the campaign!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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