IAF Dehavilland FG5 Vampires

I Painted this Squadron of 1/285th scale Dehavilland Vampires for use in the first mission in the Crisis in Kashmir Campaign for Check Your 6 Jet Age. The Dehavilland Vampire is a strange plane. They were created in 1945 to defend British airfields during the second world war, although they were never actually deployed. The British government was afraid of escalating the conflict with Germany, and that the Luftwaffe would retaliate with their jets in kind.

These planes did see action in the 1965 Indo-Pakistan War by India,  and were used as light bombers early in the conflict, but were soon replaced with more modern aircraft as they were easily out matched by Pakistani Canadair Sabres.

In the first mission 4 of these planes are task to take out as many of 10 Pakistani Tanks using their rockets before 2 Canadair Sabres can intercept them and force them to retreat.

I look forward to playing it!

Written by Andrew Gregory
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