Secret Teams: A Ridiculous Tabletop Game Scenario

Before playing an absolutely massive 7000 total point game of Warhammer on a gigantic 8x4 foot table, I was chatting with my old friend Tom about the upcoming game. I told him we were going to play on teams (2v2) and that we intended to randomly determine.

We thought this would keep things fun and fresh, and it did! Despite the fact that I lost the game it was a great battle!

So while describing the up coming game and forces (Death Guard, Eldar, Relictors, Tyranids) Tom and I we started joking around with different team games we came up with the hilarious scenario that we call "Secret Teams ".

While we talked about this in context of Warhammer 40k, this could really work with any tabletop miniatures game, and works as follows.

Teams are chosen in secret from all players, and who's team you are on is not revealed until the end of the game. Players must guess what team they are on, although they are allowed to engage any other force on the table.

For each victory Point scored record who scored it and against which side it was scored. At the end of the game the teams are revealed and any victory points scored against your teammates are not part of your victory point total.

The teams then total their legal victory points and the side with the most VP's wins. Obviously a huge part of this scenario is the mind games and table talk as you try to convince the other players that you are definitely on their team and thus you shouldn't be shooting them.

 Will it be an incredible match that changes the way to you play Tabletop Games forever!? Probably not no. But will it be a hilarious way to shake things up around your game group for a session or two! Absolutely!

Now we have not tried this scenario, and admittedly I could not convince the guys to give it ago, but it is only a matter of time.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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