Battlefleet Gothic: Relictor Space Marine Strike Cruiser

With my 850pt Plague Fleet completed my next fleet for Battlefleet Gothic is my Space marine Relictors fleet, which feature in our Curse of the Relictor's Campaign.

So like any proper space marine fleet, the first ships that I painted were these two Strike Cruisers: The default ship used by Space Marine captains around the galaxy.

Now, I have quite a bit of experience battling against Space Fleets in Battlefleet Gothic. What with my younger sister Sarah playing Space Wolves and me having prepared a small fleet for her to command including two Strike Cruisers.

Despite be calssified as Light Cruiser, Stirke Cruisers are well armed and armoured, and in my experience are a pain in the ass to take down. I have lost many a'ship to these things.

These models were part of the 3D printed ships that I received a few months back, and you can find their designs on on thingiverse to print for yourself! The are highly detailed and a fantastic match for the real ships!

And so the first of my Relictor's ships are ready to go! up next are a series of Frigates and Destroyers that should flesh out the fleet and make for an interesting fight!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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