Chaos Rhino 267

Diving back into my old Warhammer 40k Stuff from my high school years, I found a predator tank that was sadly mangled beyond repair. The turret was busted, and the side sponsons were broken and had too many pieces missing. I would've needed to scour the internet for spare parts, or purchase a whole new Predator tank to fix it. It was going to cost too much, and I had no plans to use a Predator Tank in my current army. What needed was another Rhino.

So using some parts from Rhino Kit I had, I slapped some doors on to the side, and used a circular piece of plastic to fill the hole left by the predator's turret. I am not sure where that piece came from, but it might have come from a Defiler.

After that it was simply a matter of adding some decorations. I used a few brass transfers from Forge World, and some left over bits from the Rhino kit. I feel Chaos Undivided stuff needs to ahve those spikes. It just fits the persona.

For the front spikes I to had modify the standard piece that comes in the Rhino kit a little bit. I wanted the spikes flush with the front, but they are normally sticking on another brace. I think it looks a lot better and just a little more balanced.

Here is a good view of the top. I think the Defiler part works quite well for a hatch, and over all I am pleased with the recovery.

And as a final touch, since I often fight against Space Wolves, I but one of their helmets on a spike, Painted in the same way as my younger sister Sarah's Army, but of course splattered with mud. Death to the False Emperor!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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