The very first miniature game I ever played was Warhammer 40k. It was introduced to me by my friend Wesley, in exchange for me introducing him to Magic the Gathering.

I was immediately attracted to the Chaos Space Marines, and my favourite miniature of them all was the leader of the Death Guard: Typhus.

Well, I got a bunch of my old Warhammer stuff back, and the apint jobs were rough to say the least.

However I was able to salvage a ton of minis, and Typhus was among them.

This is Typhus' second paint job, and I am very pleased with the result! I should have taken a picture of what it was before... but I am also kinda glad it will never see the light of day.

From what I remember from 3rd and 4th edition Warhammer 40k, Typhus was expensive to field and not the greatest HQ choice. But he sure looks cool!
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