The Cockatrice in 15mm

The Cockatrice is a classic D&D monster, with a terrifying twist for those not wearing metal armour. While the cockatrices, attack may not be much more then a firm peck, the after effects are truly terrifying. The species has evolved to peck at exposed skin and if its attack lands its target must pass a save or get turned to stone!

In Arachnophobia Game 24 such a fate befell Chris' character Ceryl Figgus in the sewers beneath Darfield. As he entered a dark chamber of the Sewers, a Cockatrice lunged from the shadows striking him on the face. He failed his saving throw and turned into stone blocking the door way. Using him as an obstacle the party was able to force the Cockatrice to retreat injured to its lair, but it was to late for the Gnomish Cleric.

This was Chris' third character to perish in Arachnophobia, however there was a glimmer of hope. Lethoras the Elven Fighter was strong enough to lift the now stone Figgus (which we calculated to weigh 150lbs) and was able to carry the statue into the TARDIS. In a recent spin-off campaign, Thomas the Chronomancer took the TARDIS and all of its contents with him, abandoning the party and setting off on his own adventure. One day he plans to find a priest powerful to reverse the Ceryl condition, but until then he makes for a good hat rack.

As a monster I think that Cockatrices are great, but given that their petrification ability is effectively an instant kill, it is best to run that sort of thing by your players first. All you have to do is let them know that some of the traps, monsters, etc. in the dungeon have lethal strikes. A friendly warning like that can go a long way for the party... Though some people never learn.

This 15mm Cockatrice from the always fantastic Splintered Light Miniatures - the makers of some of the finest fantasy and historic minis in this scale. I believe it is in one of their dungeon encounter sets. I don't recall which one, but they are all worth taking a look at!

Written by: Andrew gregory

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