CD Based Scatter Terrain

After joining the The Terrain Tutor's Terrainiacs Facebook Group, I was bombarded with ideas. Some of these new and flashy, others old, tested and true. While I have heard stories of people making Scatter Terrain using old AOL disks back in '90s, for me I had never seen this sort of scatter terrain before and it seemed the perfect solution to my wobbly trees and empty feeling forests.

I made about a dozen or so of these bases, most with forest trees from Woodland Scenics, but a few I added some old Games Workshop Gothic Ruins onto the bases. These allowed me to set up forgotten ruins in the forest, whether symbolically or fleshing out the actual location

The trees I selected specifically to work with both 15mm and 28-32mm figures. My main purpose for them would be setting up forest scenes in JADE's Hymns of a Vagabond Campaign, or the Arachnophobia Campaign as seen above. But I also knew I would be using them for Warhammer 40k, so they need to look good at any size.

And the varying tree sizes work well, giving the impression of a dense forest with different types of foliage at any scale. I have used these bases a few times in my games since I created them and are truly an asset to my tabletop, creating that perfect forest scene or providing interesting cover for advancing armies.

I have lot's more bases planned as I would like to be able to field a dense forest across a 6ft x4ft playing surfaces, as well has have a varying degree of terrains from Laae Worlds, to Deserts to Alien Jungles.

So there will be a lot more bases to come, and I will probably even go over how to make them in the future, and some of the mistakes I learned to avoid.

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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