The Maps and Sketches of Klaus the Nikovarian Spy

In Game 24 of JADE's 2nd Ed AD&D Campaign: Arachnophobia, the party encounter an Elven Thief named Klaus. He claimed to be a disgraced member of the Darfield Thief's Guild seeking protection as he fled the city, and offered to help the party escape Darfield. At the time the group had been accused of kidnapping and were wanted by Lord Kilgour himself for questioning. So with little options they accepted the thief's offer.

Klaus however was not, nor never was a member of the Darfield Thief's Guild. He was in fact a Spy from a the Northern neighbouring state of Nikovaria: a militaristic society with spy networks that stretched across the world. Klaus had been following the party for some time, and unable to follow them through the North Gate unnoticed, had entered Darfield through sewers.

Using some charcoal and a bit of paper from a stack he carried, he drew a map of the sewers to help him avoid the dangers and find his way back to his hidden camp site.

Klaus had planned to lead the party out through the sewers. he had killed the giant spider guarding the entrance, and they could easily leave the city unseen. However, when the party refused to leave Darfield until they had recovered the TARDIS from the castle stable, Klaus had to find a way to get them inside. Through his explorations he had learned that the chamber with the Cockatrice was directly underneath the castle courtyard, and his cataloging of the dangers in the sewers helped the party achieve this goal with minimal losses.

Once inside the TARDIS, Thomas the Chronomancer Cast Timeslip and sent the party back in time. However, Instead of flickering in and out of Darfield as planned, Thomas convinced the party to go back in time and rescue their beloved home town of Barleydale from the coming spiders that wiped them out more than a month ago.

It was here (back in time and the Dale) that Klaus had an opportunity to learn more about Toby Ryder and the mysterious events that lead to him becoming the potential saviour of the world.

Above is a sketch he took of the mural on the wall of the buried temple. He assumed the figure in the center was supposed to represent Toby, and the gem embedded in his left hand.

I created both of these images using GIMP (free photo editing software), and printed them double sided for Jeff (who is playing Klaus) to use in game. So far this map has come in handy, but since he only took this spider sketch during last game he hasn't had much of a chance to use it.

I am sure however, that having a record of what was shown in the temple will come in handy one day.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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