Sarah's Venerable Space Wolf Dreadnought

During the years Sarah and I took off from playing Warhammer she took the time to slowly perfect her painting skills. One of the first projects she set out on was to finish her Venerable Dreadnought. It had become a mainstay of her forces and she of course fell in love with the look of the Blizzard Shield and Fenrisian Great Axe.

Like I had discovered when I tried a similar set up in my youth, giving a Dreadnought two close combat weapons isn't the best idea. The additional attack in my opinion is not worth getting rid of the Heavy Weapons choices that a Dreadnought can wield. Luckily, the JADE table is not a tournament room, so as far as I am concerned she can run the Dreadnought and say it has whatever weapons she wants. And the axe and shield just look awesome!

Sarah has had a chance to field this Dreadnought twice since she painted it, both times during our last two 6th Ed games. Since we are now finally moving on to 8th edition, and sadly as of writing this the Space Wolf Codex has not been released, we don't get to see what interesting options a Space Wolf Dreadnought can have. Hopefully we will get a better sense soon. And who knows, maybe the axe and shield are the best way to go!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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