Ceryl Figgus the Gnomish Cleric

After the death of his second character Zander in Game 18 of Arachnophobia, Chris had to create yet another. This time around went down a different route choosing to be a Chaotic Good Cleric using a Peasnt Preist Character Kit: which means he is like Friar Tuck from Robin Hood and he has taken a vow of poverty.

This religious and deeply spiritual character is a far cry from Chris' usual self-interested and greed driven thieves, but he was quickly accepted by the party who also has some religious folk among them.

Chris likes to name his characters after various cartoons, and those familiar with archer will recognize the name of the ISIS field agent from the TV show Archer... At least when you say it out loud.

In game terms, Ceryl is a Level 4 Gnome Cleric of Ulaa in 2nd ED AD&D who joined the Arachnophobia party in game 19. He is actually on a similar quest that the players are on, though specifically he is trying to find some one who listen to his tale about Giant Spiders overrunning his hometown in the Northern mountains.

Ceryl's mini comes from Splintered Light Miniatures. You can find him among their 15/18mm gnomish and halfling adventurers if you are interested.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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