Lethoras the Retired Sellsword

In Barleydale there has long lived a retired elven sell-sword named Lethoras. He quit fighting almost a century ago and moved to the Dale to become chicken farmer, and lead a quiet and peaceful life. Lethoras normally keeps to himself, but over the years (and often when he has had a little too much wine at festival) the townsfolk have learned a little bit about him, and he has even brought out his old sword and shield to wow the peasantry from time to time.

But for the most part, Lethoras likes to hide in house away from others. He is shy to the point anthrophobia, and usually only offers to help out around the Dale if asked to. Of course being the only warrior in town, Lethoras was called to help investigate the cave that collapsed under the feet of Sally Longville while she was tending her field.

Since then, Lethoras has been forced to deal with things that he would rather not. The priest and leader of the Dale has asked him to accompany the party on their way to see the lord to tell them about the death of the tax collector Henry Fielder and the incident with Toby, the Giant Spider and the Prophecy.

Despite his social qualms, Lethoras' Lawful Good alignment compelled him to go on the quest to the lord's keep in Darfield. And in fact his alignment has already created a couple of disputes among the party. Trouble is brewing, and Lethoras' lack of social cues might lead to an incident or two.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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