Skeletons Oh My!

Despite their susceptibility to being turned, Skeletons are one of my favourite fantasy monsters. The haunting image of something that was once a person in rusted and ancient medieval armour is just too cool of an image to not have in my games.

Skeletons are a great low level encounter, though you need to be careful when using them around a Cleric. The Turn the Undead ability is quite powerful, and can change an encounter with such creatures from formidable to laughable. But otherwise for a low level party, you can scale a skeleton's difficulty by giving them armour and weapons, or taking such equipment away. making them a challenging or simple monster to fight.

My first encounter using these fellows was in the swamps (using the terrain boards my mother-in-law made me for Christmas) in Game 8 of JADE's 2nd ed AD&D Campaign: Arachnophobia. It proved to be a harder encounter then I had anticipated, mostly due to some uncharacteristically poor rolling on the part of the party. They survived, but it was costly. Two player characters and 1 NPC were severely wounded, and they lost another NPC to the Undead hordes.

Despite defeating them the first time, this will not be the last the party encounters the Undead as the flee the coming onslaught of the giant spiders.

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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