Plague Marine Sorcerer

A few years back I was given the Plague Marine Sorcerer (who I believe has a name in the expanded literature, but I don't know it) from Forge World, and I was a little intimidated. He had some much going on with him I took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do with it.

Well I finally braved it and this is the result. Though in the future I promise do do an army with a paint scheme that photographs better. Getting the detail has been quite difficult in spite of the photoshop filters.

I have actually used this guy on the tabletop a few times before though unpainted, so I am glad that he actually has a paint scheme, though I am not sure when my next game will be.

Overall despite his detail painting this guy wasn't too bad. It just took a while to get him together. But I am pleased with the result.

Now the insignia on the Banner isn't the best, but I am not much of a free hand artist and I thick I got the effect I wanted.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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