Temporal Dogs

Since one of our characters was trapped in the Temporal Prime Reality in our of our campaigns, I had to do some research on how exactly that plane works and what kind of animals live there. One of the few that I felt my poor level 4 Priest could handle was the 4HD Temporal Dog.... I was wrong.

Even one Temporal Dog was a little too much for him to handle and though he gave a valiant effort and almost subdued the beast, sadly it was too much for him. Temporal Dogs are pretty scary beasts. i was running it more as a wolf then using its special properties, but the unwary time traveller, a Temporal Dog can just easily follow them out of the Temporal Prime using the Time Slip Spell that Chronomancer's use.

 So the guys will ahve to look out when the Time Travell now as upo to six of these dogs could lie in wait for them.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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