Yet another classic undead encounter, though this time the smelly and fleshy kind: Zombies! Whether Shuffling, Running, or just on a casual stroll, Zombies always make for a great encounter, and an easy one to write. They fit into almost any campaign setting, and can range in difficulty as needed.

If you need a monster and don;t know what to throw at your players check out the Zombies section of your Monster Manual, and see what fits!

Now remember that Zombies are slightly more powerful than their skeletal cousins having up to double the hit points that a skeleton would have. That means they can take a few hits and have the time to dole them out. A low level party can easily be over run by them, unless they are supported by a Cleric.

So, as long as you don't throw in too many Zombies, and your play party isn't full of clerics, they should add for some good panicked fun, and an encounter that your players may choose to avoid rather then slog their way through.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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