Waerham's Hold

In Hymns of a Vagabond Game 13, the party encountered a small, abandoned and run down fortress in the woods that had become an outpost for goblins: likely a smaller detachment from the invading forces to the North East.

After scouting the area, we discovered that the front "gate" was more a pile of debris and that their couldn't be more than 30 goblins inside. Taking the Fortress would be a risky move with our party of five (Though were level 4 on average), and with our supplies low we decided that we would retreat to a nearby orchard... Only it was also guarded by Goblins. After dispatching that group we discovered that the orchard had a supply of cider, and that gave us an idea.

A day or two before my character had found a few poisonous mushrooms with his Identify Mushroom Proficiency. So we chopped them up, but them in a sack with a rock in, and sunk it to the bottom of the barrel. We then cut up 10 apples to fill the barrel and mask the poison sack at the bottom of the barrel and let it set over night.

The next day we had to postpone our assault due to freezing rain, but the next day we set out plan into motion. We let the cider get captured, and waited while it took effect. we then crept up towards the forest ignited the rubbish at the main gate. And battled our way through.

Even though most of them were sickened by the poison the goblins put up a strong fight. We lost one NPC in the fight, and if we didn't have a cleric we likely would have lost the entire party.

We ended the game exhausted; having slain the final enemy in the fort. Next time we will get a chance to explore and hopefully reap some rewards from our conquest. We also need to decide what we want to do with our new found fort. We certainly don't have the man power to hold it, but it we abandon it, the goblin could just as easily return.

What do you think we should do?
Written by: Andrew Gregory

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