Nathan Tyrell the Cleric

In game 9 of JADE's Arachnophobia Campaign, The party fled the Wolf's Head Inn which had come under assault from dozens of giant spider's. With a handful of survivors, the group fled into the night, leaving the Inn, as it erupted in flames from a tipped oil lamp in the distance.

Nathan Tyrell was one of the people that fled tavern with the group. He is a Cleric of St. Cuthbert, and a wandering soul and adventurer. Just the sort the party was looking for given they lost their druid the game before and their cleric the game before that.

The palyer's managed to chat with the other two survivors they brought along with them, but Nathan's back ground is a little more mysterious. Aside from his worship of St. Cuthbert, and his status as a wndering Cleric, he skillfully changed the subject when they asked where he was from.

Whatever his past, a new cleric is welcome in the party, for as long as he will join, and he at least seems the friendly type.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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