In JADE's 2nd ED AD&D Campaign: Arachnophobia Game 6, Adam's Death Priest Enoch found himself trapped in the Temporal Prime: the Demi-Plane of Time. Early Game 7 Enoch was dead,killed by a Temporal Dog, and it was time for Adam to create a new character. He though about it for a while, before ultimately deciding on creating an Elven Bard.

It was a perfect choice, as the party was only two days away from a tavern that the road was taking them to. As soon as Asra met the party he was intrigued by the strangers form the north, and got himself wrapped up in their capture by a knight sent to claim them for a nobleman named Count Opplethor.

The knight's plan's were cut short however when the inn was over run by giant spiders in the knight, and the party was able to escape capture and flee, gaining some NPC stragglers and Asra along the way.

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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