Jocelyn Farwell

Jocelyn Farwell is warrior of some note, but when her father told her he was going North, she left her post, and followed him. Trained to be guard all her life, the change from the Courtly cities of the south to the harsh forest towns of the north was quite a drastic change. though with the coming goblin war, she has found her lust for combat fulfilled.

Jocelyn does not have the same affinity for the north that her father does, but her sense of family honour and duty drive her on. Now I have only seen a bit of what she can do in a fight, so I look forward to seeing what she can do. But I have a feeling she is even a better fighter than my character Flint.

Well whether she proves a better sword than I or not another fighter is a welcome edition to the Hymns of a Vagabond Party.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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