MiG 15's

Last week I finished up a pair of F86 Sabres this week I finished a pair of MiG 15's to take them on!

As far as I know, aside from the F86 having a superior gunsight, the MiG 15, and the Sabre were consider quite equally matched, and the USAF even used f86's to simulate MiG's when developing a fighter to combat them in the Korean War.

Assuming that fact was captured in the Check Your 6! Jet Age rules then our first battle in should be a fairly even one. And given that these planes only have High Velocity Machine Guns not too much of a change from our Lewis, and Spandau Machine Gun wielding World War 1 planes from Canvas Eagles.

These two minis are from GHQ Miniatures makes of some of the finest Military models in the 1/285th scale available.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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