15mm Guards with Spears

The last of my group of 12 Generic Town Guards wield spears. I wanted to give the group a nice range of weaponry, so I could decide just what kind of guards my party would need to struggle against. And while a spear damage wise isn't much different than your average longsword, the nature of the weapon make fighting an opponent wielding one a different experience. It requires more space to fight with a spear, and it gives your guards a bit of reach allowing them to strike opponents at a further distance.

Like my other Generic Town Guards, these guys come from Splintered Light Miniature's Dark Ages, Noman Line. I think they are great. Interesting enough to look nice on the table top, but generic enough that few players would want them as their Player Character mini.

This is my favourite pose that Splintered Light came up with across all 12 of my Generic Guards. It is great action pose, and you can really believe they are thrusting that spear. It looks awesome on the table.

And of course what guarded door or hallway would be complete with a Guard with a spear in this stance? The non-threatening guard stance.

And that makes up my full compliment of 12 guards. It is possible I will get more, as our games grow and we also move towards using the Advanced Battle System in Hymns of a Vagabond game 1. But in the mean time I have more than enough gaurds to handle anything my players can throw at me.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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