15mm Guards With Crossbows

Giving your town guards a bit a range is always a great way to increase their deadliness, and also make the battle a little more interesting then your standard street brawl.

These crossbowmen from Splintered Light Miniatures are from the same Norman Saxon line as my 15mm Guards with Swords. Which is nice, since it helps in larger conflicts to have some standardization for quick identification on the tabletop.

Personally I like giving my Guards Crossbows. This isn't for much more of a reason than I like the idea of it, but I also find that the extra turn it takes to reload makes the hail of fire persistent without being constant; giving your players a chance to react. This is particularly helpful for lower level parties who can often use the break.

I actually recently escaped these fellows as they tried to arrest me in the town of Osteyek. It was some misunderstanding over a spell book that I... found. But either way they insisted on taking me in and then shot at me when I refused.

Despite the overwhelming odds against me, some how I managed to give them the slip and keep my spell book. However,t I am sure that I will see them around later in some other town. They are, after all, part of the Generic Guard Legion, and they pop up every where.

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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