15mm Cultists

In JADE's Hymn's of a Vagabond Campaign, my character Akelius Flint, and his party of NPC have encountered several possessed people. We have found them almost mindless and in the middle of some mysterious dark ritual. I don't know much about them, or what they plan; but they do make my skin crawl.

Each of the "cultists" seem to have a ring, that appears to have something to do with their possession, though again, I know not what. I have encountered these cultists on three separate occasions, and each time I was either completely ignored by them as they went about their mindless business or was immediately attacked.

All of these miniatures come from Magister Militum's 15mm lines, and I think they get that creepy feeling across quite well. I actually haven't had a chance to use any of the cultists in game yet, since I only painted them a couple weeks ago, and they did not feature in last Tuesday's game. But I am sure we will encounter these poor souls again soon.

In previous games, I have even encountered powerful wizards who have succumbed to the possession. Thankfully, I was able to pass my spell save, and then slay him in one blow with an incredibly lucky hit.

Though I do not relish meeting these cultists again, I am curious as to what they are up to. Something dark is returning to the land, and I am sure they seek to herald its arrival.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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