Butters the Gnome Theif and Beggar

To get started in the Arachnophobia Campaign, I had my players create detailed back stories for themselves, inserting their characters into the small, isolated hamlet of Barleydale, or The Dale as they have come to affectionately call it.

While most of the party features some pretty strange classes, Chris' Gnome Thief that uses a Beggar kit stands out as being the most normal. However, that doesn't mean his back-story isn't rich.

Butters was the 6th child of 11 born to a prostitute, and one of only 3 to survive to adulthood.  When he turned 18, his mother kicked him out on the street, where he sought refuge in the quiet and generous town of Barleydale.

Currently Butter's main goal in life is too acquire wealth. Whether it is to buy his way out of poverty, or some twisted sense of its importance; he has yet to reveal. but one thing is sure, money is always on Butter's mind. Though he does not seem interested in working to earn it. He rarely helps around town, preferring to play his reed flute and beg for a few scraps and what copper pieces the townsfolk are willing to part with.

Most of the town view him as a burden, and a low-life and want little to do with him. But, and no one is quite sure how, when the tax collector comes Butter's always has something to give him. This small contribution is enough for Butter's to pay his way in the town, even if his contribution is of a questionably origin.

If it seems like Butters would an unlikely volunteer for a quest to save the world, you'd be right.  His cowardly nature came through in the first game that we played with him, and so the leader of the town, the Priest Sarah Harper had to give him the following ultimatum:

"Butter's if you aid the others in their quest, you may return to the Dale. But either way, you will be leaving with them."

I expect Butter's to travel with the party until he finds his next big score. But he won't be the most trustworthy of companions. Any character too obsessed with their own wealth is something to watch out for, and Butter's Lawful Evil alignment only confirms that.

Perhaps the fear of giant spiders, and the fact that the party is headed towards a lord's keep and a potential fortune in gold and favour will keep him along for the ride.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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