Toby the Stable Boy

In Arachnophobia, Toby is the village stable. Both of his parents died from consumption, and his parents house was given to another family by the lord. Sympathetic to his case the town set up a temporary place for him to live in the Town's barn and a position as stable boy, so as not to see him fall into poverty.

At 16 Toby is an insatiably curious boy, which is likely what got him into trouble in the temple underground. While exploring with the party, Toby ran ahead excited at the prospect of the new find. He doesn't remember what happened next, but he saw a green flash of light, and next thing he knew he had awoken with to find a green gem embedded in the back of his left hand.

It caused him no pain, but was eerily similar to a figure depicted in the mural on the domed ceiling above: shown defeating a colossal spider among giant ones.

After the first game - to be fair to my player party - I let them know that Toby was important. essentially he was the "chosen one" in the campaign and they would need to protect him in order to succeed. Of course I was immediately challenged with the reminder that they had time magic on their side. So we will see what they figure out.

Toby's mini came from Khurusan Miniatures, as part of their Fantasy Adventurer's Set. I think he makes for a wonder and uncertain adventurer.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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