John the Greenwood Ranger

Our last party member in the Arachnophobia Campaign is John the Greenwood Ranger. A Greenwood Ranger is a 2nd Ed Kit that Elijah and I found while going through The Complete Ranger's Handbook... And boy is it a strange one. Greenwood Rangers operate like normal Rangers except for one distinct difference: At level 4 they will turn into a small treant. I am not joking... this is literally the picture from the Complete Ranger's Handbook:

So the way this works is that everyday, your character must pray to the gods to turn them into a tree. Once you have reached level 4 the gods will task you with a quest you must complete. If you pass, you become a true Greenwood Ranger and a tree person. You can even pray to grow a third arm if you wish.

Like Dave's Chronomancer, Elijah has been wanting to use this class for a while and JADE's Arachnophobia campaign was the perfect place to test this.

John does not actually live in the Dale like Arachnophbia's other player characters. Instead he is a vagrant who travels from town to town, selling the apples from the 100-150 some odd trees that he and his mentor have planted around the countryside.

John's mentor (a tree person and true Greenwood Ranger) died only 2 short years ago, and it was then he started on his quest to become a Greenwood Ranger himself; following the teachings passed down to him.

We have the mini picked out when his transformation begins. However, it is a long haul from level 1 to level 4 in 2nd edition. But I think Elijah and John will be up to task.

Since Elijah couldn't make it to the first game of Arachnophobia we will be introducing this character in game 2. Giving the party a much need Player Character Warrior.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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