The Xenomorph Queen

With our 15mm Xenomorphs ready to go for Interstellar Exports Game 8, JADE's Traveller Homage to Aliens is ready to go! But what homage to the classic Horror/Thriller/Action franchise would be complete without a Xenomorph Queen!?

This awesome 15mm scale Xenomorph Queen mini comes from Khurasan Miniatures and is part of their Space Demon Hive line. She stands about 28mm tall, making her an intimidating beast for our adventures who at just above half her size.

She should make the perfect boss for our Travellers to encounter after battling through hordes of 15mm Xenomorphs! Though perhaps not a welcome one.

With any luck, like Ripley before them, Dry, Krunt and Meatfoot will overcome the Queen and hordes of Xenomorphs, and fly away to safety!  Hopefully without any chest-bursters in tow.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

The Xenomorph Queen The Xenomorph Queen Reviewed by JADE Gaming on 6/02/2015 03:01:00 pm Rating: 5

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