I already have a Xenomorph from 15mm co, but when I learned that Khurusan produces their own version in their 15mm Sci-Fi line, I had to get them! And needless to say they look incredible! Much better than the clunky 15mm Co version.

I love all of the poses they come in, and the different heads with and without the interior jaws. Makes for a good and different looking bunch.

Of course now that I have these aliens, I have to write them into my Traveller campaign: Interstellar Exports!

In Interstellar Exports Game 8 I intend for our intrepid adventurers to encounter these creatures, and battle for their lives. Think of it as an homage to Aliens.

Now, my aliens aren't going to be true Xenomorphs from the Alien Franchise, but they will still be deadly and vicious. In fact, it is why I also got the group their battlesuits. They will be needing them if they wish to survive the encounter.

Whether or not they will survive their confrontation with the aliens, or fall to their jaws remains to be seen! Check it out in Interstellar Exports Game 8 coming soon!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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