Meatfoot Blargin

After the death of Jeff's character Caesar in Interstellar Exports Game 6, he needed to select some one new to be. I never let my players be the same character twice, so I had him come up with an entirely new idea. But how could he trump the ridiculousness of being a robot?

Well, he grabbed the most absurd mini in my collection: a tiny creature with a single stalk for an eye.

"Let's see you work that into your game!" Jeff said with a smile.

Challenge accepted.

Meatfoot Blargin is part of a species of carnivorous plants called the Tangulons. The Tangulons developed telepathy to detect their camouflaged prey on their home world. Once detected, Tangulons grab their prey using another physic ability: telekinesis, and gobble them up with mouths on the bottom of their feet.

Despite their clearly plant-like origins, Tangulons are quite mobile and will wander around in search of their prey. Standing about 4-5ft. tall, they are the alpha predator of the planet Tangul.

Despite having a complex brain, the Tangulons had no concept of society, until they encountered a Human Scout ship. The vessel belonged to the nefarious and powerful criminal organization, the Draco Syndicate.

As the syndicate set up a "disposal" centre on Tangling, the Tangulons came to read their thoughts. They learned of language, and mathematics, and culture. They learned of the other worlds, and the concept of desire they found in each of the syndicate member's minds. They wanted to know more.

Using their telepathy they were able to speak with the members of the Syndicate. The Tangulons told them of themselves and asked the syndicate members to show them the stars. The gangsters, being no fools, realised that the unknown creatures would make perfect information gathers, for they need only to see a creature to read its thoughts. So they agreed on the condition that the Tangulons would work for the Draco syndicate. They would gather information, and do what was asked, but they must never reveal who they were, who they worked for, or where they came from.

Excited at seeing more, the Tangulons agreed, and soon the Draco Syndicate had set up an entire school to train them as spies. In the 50 years since discovery of Tangul, conditions for the Tangulons have worsened as the the Syndicate tightens its grip on the planet. Despite the harsh treatment, most Tangulons gladly join the service, excited to see the stars.

Meatfoot Blargin was born in a time before the arrival of the Syndicate and was one of the first to join the spy service. However, upon learning of a deadly plot hatched up by the Syndicate and Interstellar Exports to cease control of the Galactic Council and the Galaxy itself! Knowing what happened to his home world once ruled by the Syndicate, Meatfoot Blargin was afraid they would destroy all the wonderful things he had seen across the stars.

He could not let that happen. So, he defected from the Spy service after four years, and then stayed low with contacts for another four years, until he heard that The Draco Syndicate and Interstellar Exports were ready to move against the Galactic Council. The coup had begun; he could wait no longer.

Using some old favours, Meatfoot was able to drum up two names in relation to the Syndicate's plan: James Hornby, and Travis "Dry" Williams.

Well, he can still find one of them.
Apparently James Hornby had been given one of the cases that was essential to the take over, and Travis "Dry" Williams was one of his associates. He had to get to them before the syndicate did. The fate of the galaxy might depend on it!

How's that Jeff?

Written: by Andrew Gregory

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