Sanders "Murphy" MacMurphy

Sanders "Murphy" MacMurphy was one of those kids that wanted to be a gangster. Just like Henry Hill from Goodfellas, he watched the members of the Draco syndicate and other organizations and dreamed of the power he could have.

When he was old enough, he joined up with the Draco Syndicate, and became and enforcer on the planet Mycra.

In Interstellar Exports Game 7 Murphy was captured by Dry and his Crew and forced to Pilot the S.S. Hornby at gun point as they fled the clearly Draco Syndicate controlled Mycra System.

Currently, Murphy is not sure of his current employment status. Although Dry offered him a job on board the ship, the threat of violence if he doesn't comply has made him nervous, and question his freedom.

One thing is for certain. After failing to retrieve the mysterious case from Dry (now revealed to potentially house the command codes for the Galactic Council's Fleet), he cannot go back to the Syndicate: they do not tolerate failure.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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