Dry is Dave's second Traveller Character. His first character was killed during creation in a series of violent accidents, so Dave was forced to start again.

Dry was only a slightly more luckily, in that he wasn't injured, but had a series of unfortunate professional accidents that lead him to where he is today.

Dry has spent much of his professional life drifting from career to career. His first career choice was as a Exploration Scout for the Galactic Council.

While exploring in the far away Galactic Sub-sector Y, Dry encountered the Galozians. The Galozians are large blob like creatures with four protruding tentacles. They are perhaps best known for their use of ritualistic gestures in their speech. Every gesture has a meaning in Galozian, and they are not tolerant of those outsiders not familiar with them.

While on Galozi Prime Dry accidentally extended his had in friendship and smiled. What he thought was a polite gesture was actually one of the most offensive acts in Galozian Culture. The Galozian captain, a proud blob named Glork Zeeble Gook was so offended by the act that he attempted to kill Dry on the spot. Luckily Galozians are slow moving and Dry was able to escape, but since that day Glork Zeeble Gook has sworn vengeance and has been trying to ruin Dry ever since. The incident was enough to wash Dry out of the Exploration service in disgrace.

Using his skills as an Explorer, Dry then enlisted in the Courier service, and spent four years delivering packages through out the galaxy. During this, he acquired an interesting package bound for a man named Gary Oak. It was a small thumb drive sealed in a Crystalline Box. There was no return address on it.

Realising that he had found something of valuable, maybe something that Gary Oak would pay handsomely to have back. So he stole it, and marked it down as missing. An investigation was launched, but nothing could ever be proven and so Dry kept his job.

He lost it almost a year later when he had the misfortune of delivering a package to Glan Zeeble Gook, the brother of the Galozian captain he had insulted as an Exlporer. Glan Zeeble Gook's brother had told him about Dry, and the blob recognized the human, and decided to help his brother ruin Dry's life. Glan Zeeble Gook reported that Dry had stolen his package to the courier service.

A second accusation of theft was cause enough to force Dry to resign as courier, ending his second career in disgrace.

Despite these set backs, over the year Dry had become an experienced pilot, and the Galactic Council's Navy was more than willing to accept him into their ranks. Dry served with distinction for four years until he was responsible for a training accident that killed four of his peers.

Dry was dishonourably discharged from the Navy, and that is where the story picks up.
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