In Interstellar Exports Game 2 our beloved captain Dry purchased two animals. One was a vicious 6 legged lizard that he named Mr. Peaches and the other was a corgi that he named Ruffles. Well in Interstellar Exports Game 3 due to a mis-jump and a lack of supplies, they were forced to eat Mr. Peaches, but Ruffles on the other hand survives to this day.

Now as far as I know, they do not make 15mm Corgi miniatures, so this guard dog from 15mm Co (that I painted vaguely like a corgi) will have to do as a stand in for Ruffles.

We haven't seen Ruffles in many of our games lately. This is mostly because we didn't have a mini, and I will confess that myself and the party sort of forgot about him. But I am sure that he is wandering around the S.S. Hornby and perfectly fine!

In the upcoming Interstellar Exports Game 8, I am sure we will see Ruffles and his master Dry together, and adventuring the stars.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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