The Tides of Ragnarök

Continuing the development of JADE's "One-Off" campaigns, Dave has a proposed his game, The Tides of Ragnarök. In thiscampaign setting, we play as Vikings after the Gods have finished their war and the world has been flooded.

Dave provided us with this awesome teaser for this campaign, and he read it to us last week to get us more excited. You can click on it above to have clearer view.

The Tides of Ragnarök uses D&D 5 rules, with a sprinkling of inspiration the 2nd Edition Vikings Campaign Sourcebook, which has some great information for setting up your own Viking Campaign... If you are looking.

Since The Tides of Ragnarök is set in a less traditional D&D setting, we had to modify the character classes to fit scene. So you are limited to the following classes, which have been given different names:

1.Barbarian (Berserker)

2.Bard (Skald)

3.Fighter (Warrior)

4.Ranger (Woodsman)

5.Rogue (Thief)

6.Wizard (Runecaster)

You can of course only be human, since the other creatures in Viking mythology are usual hostile. Personally I am going to be a Woodsman, and I know that Elijah has chosen to be a Skald!

Dave has told us that we would begin our game in a small Knarr: An eight to ten man craft commonly used by the Vikings. Our quest is to remap the world and seek an honourable death in combat that we we may see the gates of Valhalla.

I look forward to exploring Dave's new campaign and overcoming the different trials we will face.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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