The Maps of Interstellar Exports Part V

While Captain Dry got his ship the, S.S Hornby and its crew back on course (setting a heading towards system 0505), Jeff's robotic character Caesar had ended up in what was classified as an empty System.

Despite the lack of detail on the Galactic Council charts, Casear found the opposite to be true. In system 0506 there was an asteroid field, that a mysterious alien race called the Slugulons had converted into a secret fuel refinery: to power their covert exploration of the universe.

Elijah's New Character Krunt M'Quasood was stationed here, and being more curious than the average Slugulon decided to investigate Caesar's powerless ship. Their he met the robot in his android body and, towed his ship back to the shuttle bay on Asteroid A of the four asteroid complex.

The Slugulon station was carved from the interior of four different asteroids. Transport pads are used to get from asteroid to asteroid, though Krunt and Caesar found themselves having to repair these systems more than once.

Asteroid A contained a Habitat Module, a Hydroponics bay, Storage, A Cargo Bay, the Command Centre and a transporter room. However unknown to the Slugulons when they started their tunnels another intelligent species already lived here.

The Slugulons knew that other creatures lived inside Asteroids eating the algae (and each other) and breathing the air produced by a chemical reaction in the rocks. What didn't expect was that there was another intelligent species here that had villages of their own. The Light grey tunnels are those of the Slugulons, the Darker tunnels belong to a species that the Slugulons called Fuzzbears.

Asteroid B contained, a Transporter Room, the Main Reactor, an Engineering Station and a Cargo Bay. The Fuzzbears on Asteroid B have really made a mess of things. Dismantling parts of the station to use in their neolithic villages.

While Krunt had been in hibernation, the Fuzzbears had started using the Slugulon technological components. The used wires to make basics, panels for building walls, and other things from decorations to tools. The biggest problem was that they had managed to dismantled the main reactor, and chewed through so many chords, that Krunt and Caesar had to go to every asteroid to make repairs.

Asteroid C housed a Transporter room, a Back-up Habitat, A Hydroponics Bay, the Secondary Reactor, the Tertiary Reactor, three Cargo bays and a Fuzzbear village. Using components from here, they were able to stabilize the reactors, and repair the transporter rooms. With the station no longer in risk of exploding, it was time to refuel Caesar's ship the S.S Exodus.

They found Asteroid D in worse condition than the others, and that it had come under attack from Giant toothed blobs! normally the toothed blobs were at most 3ft in diameter, but these ones had grown to the upwards of 15ft!

Asteroid D contained a Transporter Room, an Active Mine, three refineries, Ore Storage, Mining Control a Cargo and a Fuzzbear village. Caesar and Krunt fought one of the giant Toothed Blobs outside of Mining control, which saw Caesar's new body was smashed beyond repair. After that Slugulon put him into his third body.

With the monster defeated, they refuelled the Exodus and left the station, heading towards the closest system to find more fuel: System 0505. Krunt did leave his station behind him, but luckily no more Slugulon Ships are due for another 11 weeks.

Check out next time when our party is finally reunited in system 0505!

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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