The Maps of Interstellar Exports Part III

System 0809
The group's first hyper-space jump took them away from System 0810, and to the nearest inhabited system: 0809, The Kelnas System. Kelnas was a much more densely populated system then 0810 Orion XII, containing 6 planets, several of them habited.

Now during the game, our party only had a chance to visit the furtherst planet from the sun: Kelnas VI.

Kelnas VI
There they found a junk yard in orbit, containing more debris then their sensors could accurately calculate. As soon as they scanned the field, they were greeted by a comm signal from a station in orbit and its owner, Pix-Tix-A-Plak. He was the owner of the junk field, and a merchant. He invited them aboard to view his wares, which the crew gladly accepted.

Research Station
Pix-Tix-A-Plak's station was an old research station that was full of as much junk as the debris field it guarded. This map is of course from Mongoose Publishing's Traveller Supplement 14: Space Stations.

The party spent an hour or so in the station, shopping and exploring. They purchased many things there, including a new body for their robot companion Caesar, but in the end they turned down Pix-Tix-A-Plak's major proposition. He offered to give them a functional weapons system from a scout ship in exchange for clearing the aforementioned ship of a Tallarian hook-spider infestation

Scout Ship
Despite being very familiar with the class of ship, James Hornby was afraid he would bring the infestation back to his own vessel and decided to turn down the offer. This map comes from the Traveller Core Rulebook, where they outline a dozen or so ships for you to use.

After that the group left the station, and misjumped in a successful attempt to avoid fighting an attacking vessel. However there were several other planets they could have explored in the Kelnas System, if they had gone threw with the deal for the weapons system.

Kelnas V
Kelnas V and its 5 moons have a very curious story. I don't want to give away too much, as the group never explored it, but the planet is slowly and steadily losing mass. There is also an indigenous population inhabiting one of the moon's interiors.

The Village in the Moon.
The moon people have are a native population of amphibian like creatures. they have a village in a small lake in the interior of the moon, and travel through the watery caves of its interior. They are quite friendly, but their language is difficult to decipher. For those that do, they will tell you their creation myths, and of the other gods in the sky.

Kelnas IV
Kelnas IV is a rather unremarkable gas giant, aside from the fact that it has a very large moon. The moon itself is a dry rocky wasteland, and there is nothing of value for the players to find there. However, it would make a cool location for a base.

Kelnas III
Kelnas III is a frozen wasteland covered in thick ice. However, there is a lone station on the surface: an illegal mining facility. Finding its location on the surface is quite a challenge as it is hidden behind sensors masks, but for those that do they can find cheap unrefined fuel... If they are not taken as slaves to work the mines first.

Kelnas II
Kelnas II is the only earth like planet in the system, and it contains four major settlements. Rapid transport lines connect each settlement allowing fast and easy travel between each settlement. Like all populated planets, just about any kind of work can be found here, as long as you look hard enough.

Ships dock in orbit around Kelnas II, and are then shuttled down to the surface from there. But I didn't get a chance to design that station.

Kelnas I

Kelnas I is the planet closest to the sun, and fittingly, its map is a map of the planet closest to our own sun: mercury. Kelnas I is largely unexplored, and who knows what lies there.

And that is the system where we spent much of Interstellar Exports Game 3. In the following adventures, our crew got divided, and ended up in some fascinating places! Next time we will look at the system where Dry hired a new pilot and got his bearings back.

Written by: Andrew Gregory.

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