The Floating Battle Discs

When tasked with finding battle armour to fit either Elijah's character Krunt M'Quasood, I was a little stumped. I looked everywhere and finally settled on these floating discs.

Now they are not perfect, but they will have to do until I find something better.

I figured Elijah's Worm might be able to squeeze into something this size. However, these minis from 15mm Co don't have very deep discs. And it is quite a thin piece of metal so we will have to suspend our disbelief a little.

This suit will provide the use with armour 11, 360 degree dual Gauss Riffles (4d6), and a top speed of 120 kph. Training is required to use this suit.

So that makes Krunt M'Quasood combat ready, Meatfoot Blargin on the other hand will be a bit more of a challenge.

I will keep you all posted

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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